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Defending Texel

Sometimes I hate my random roamings around the Google Play store.

I keep the number of games on my phone to a minimum. ┬áNot because I don’t like video games (I love them – I have dozens of games on my computer and play the Xbox and PS3 with the kids) but because for the most part I’m pretty disappointed with the fare on the phone platform.

There are a few notable exceptions Continue reading Defending Texel


World of Xeen - one of my favorite ever RPGsWe all have that one thing that takes us back. ┬áMaybe it’s hearing the synthesizer jamming on the first song you remember hearing; maybe it’s the smell of your first girlfriend’s perfume; maybe it’s seeing a clip from the first rated-R movie you snuck into when you were 15.

I was wandering the 1s and 0s of the Internet this evening (the Ravens-Steelers game is at the half) and somehow stumbled onto a Continue reading Flashback