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Zombie Attack

I was talking with a friend of mine earlier this week and he asked me what the deal with zombies was.  And that was a good question – I don’t think I recognized how much zombies enter into my blog posts until he said that, but I figured it was worth looking into.

Let me be clear – I have no obsession with zombies.  I would be totally hip to never having to endure the zombie apocalypse, although if you turn into a zombie I’m going to pretend there’s a sign on your head that says “be kind – double tap” and go to town with whatever firearm (or bat or chainsaw) is handy.  Kind of like these people.

The reason zombies enter my blog posts more often than they should (Google “Paul Gillespie zombie” and tell me how many hits you get … EXACTLY) is apparently because Continue reading Zombie Attack

And The Zombies Walked

This past Friday night was the 2012 Kansas City Spring Zombie Walk for Hunger.  With a record turnout it was a success worthy of any good undead flick you could imagine, and all for a good cause.  The people tell the story – not just the numbers – and with the mix of ages, personalities and creative minds (and “creative” could probably be substituted with “demented”, “disturbed” or “awesome”) the story was good.

In anybody’s book you could qualify it as a success, but let’s run through the checklist just to be sure, shall we? Continue reading And The Zombies Walked