Ten-Minute Dungeon Delve is Launched!

10-minute Dungeon Delve is back up and running!  You can check out my card game by going to 10MinuteDungeonDelve.com or going to Kickstarter and searching on 10-minute Dungeon Delve.

This is a labor of love over the last two or three years.  It’s a very simple game – you build a party of heroes, go through seven rooms in a dungeon, battle monsters and collect loot.  Very simple mechanics, and if you can add and subtract numbers and roll a 20-sided die (included) then you can play the game.  The challenge is in the strategic use of your limited skills and items you acquire in the dungeon – that resurrection  scroll is awful valuable – is it worth losing it to bring your Rogue back to life?

Check it out and if you like it I’d love the support!  http://10MinuteDungeonDelve.com.


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