The Week In Review

I’m feeling like this picture after the past week.

I feel battered and bruised, and not the same person I started the week out as.  But on the other hand I feel like I made it to shore, and there’s always something to be said for that.

Monday was a long day.  I had insomnia after waking up about 4am.  Rather than lie in bed and stare at the ceiling for hours I only did that for about 45 minutes before I decided it was time to get up and get moving.  I headed into the office and knocked out some of the projects I had lined up – so in that sense it was a great day.  But I didn’t leave until about 8:00 that night and I was dragging HARD by that point.

All told it was a long week.  I’m pretty sure I clocked something close to 70 hours this week at the office.  There were a couple of nights I locked my door after the clock struck midnight – I was just happy my HHR didn’t turn into a pumpkin on the drive home.

It was also a rough week – nothing out of the ordinary, but it seemed like it was rougher than normal.  Hence the beaten-up boat in the picture.  But by the time I left on Friday night (after I took my lead team out for some downtime at Fred P. Ott’s) I felt like we had made solid progress in getting our heads back above water.  Whether we made it to shore beached or in a harbor, the important part is we made it to shore.

On Monday I ran across an illustration that I absolutely love – it’s the feature piece of my Fine Art: My Style post from earlier today.  There’s something about the illustration that captures me.  The beauty of the angel but with a sadness that surrounds her.  Kind of a contrast in feelings.  I framed the card I enjoy it so much – now I just need to find a place to put it up.

Tuesday I discovered a Facebook game that I enjoy – WGT Baseball.  At this point it’s not as robust as I’d like it to be – I can’t train speed, and there’s very little strategy involved – but it’s a great start, and I’m hoping they expand upon it.  I’m in single A right now so I’m hoping as I go up I get more options – like being able to steal a base or score from second on a long single down the right field line.

Saturday was a good day, as well.  I had a Spicy or Mild business meeting in the morning where I feel like we made some serious progress, even though we were short one of our partners (sick at home).  I ended up with a whole page full of action items, but that’s OK – it’s all good stuff and I really see us getting the business moving forward again as a result.  We posted a profit this past year which was a first – but it’s progress.  After that I did a few Magic battles with the kids before hitting the coffee shop for a few hours of rest, relaxation and getting stuff done.  I actually put together the framework for an app I’m building that – I’m expecting – will help me manage my “to dos” better.  We’ll see – but first I have to build it.

Sunday was a hard day.  I couldn’t sleep Saturday night so I was up until about 3.  Went to RC’s for lunch, followed by a trip to Barnes & Noble.  Then caught up on the three episodes of “The River” that I had DVR’d.  Not entirely sure what to make of that show yet, but intrigued enough to keep an eye on it.

Then it was four hours of Modern Warfare 3 with my little brother, doing a bunch of co-op missions.  That was an awesome way to cap off a weekend.

I’m looking forward to this next week, as long as I can get out of there at a reasonable hour every night.

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