The Week In Review

I’m reminded of Charles Dickens’ start to “A Tale of Two Cities” (“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times”) when I look back on this week.  Quite a bit happened; not all good, not all bad.  We take things as they come, I know…but still weeks like this are trying.  Much better than all negative weeks, to be sure, though – so I suppose no complaints.

On Monday I found “Epic Goal Success”.  Not as in I found epic goal success, but I found the program named Epic Goal Success.  It’s a consolidation of multiple schools of teaching when it comes to achieving your goals.  We’ll see how it goes – I’m hopeful (because I pretty much always am!).

Tuesday was fairly uneventful, which was good.  It was busy, but I still made progress.  A good day to be sure.

Wednesday not so much.  While I’m sure I did stuff that was positive during the day the only thing I remember was an e-mail I got from my sister saying that Melissa (her best friend) had died after a battle with cancer.  She was only 36 years old – a little younger than me.  And yet after beating it once the disease came back and got its revenge.  I won’t use my weekly status check to go into how unfair and unjust it is, but it is.

Thursday was a little up and down in and of itself.  I (almost) finished one of my major – projects.  However there was a complete miss on expectations.  OK, it wasn’t a complete miss, but a miss.

But we didn’t miss as a family on Friday – we had Dad, Colleen, Peter, Molly, Logan and me on a Google+ hangout.  THAT was a fun time – having all of us online together was a blast.  Almost like we were all together.  That was pretty neat.

Saturday was a fine almost-end to the week.  More importantly, however, it was the MU-KU game – the rematch of the battle at Mizzou Arena three weeks ago and the final Border War.  WOW, what a game.  There really is no other word for it.  Not only was it a battle the entire game – with KU coming from 19 down to ultimately win – but it took an extra 5 minutes to determine a winner.  That was an absolutely incredible college basketball game to watch without a doubt.

Sunday…found out Dave (our pastor) is resigning as the senior pastor at Covenant Chapel.  Although it was a shock, in hind sight (which is always 20/20, right?) it was inevitable.  Definitely like the vision he talked about for his new gig, limited as it was.  I couldn’t agree more that the Church needs to stop trying to compete with the community for helping people (like soup kitchens) and join forces with them.  And we need to stop competing with each other and find ways to fulfill the Commission.

See – an up and down week.  But let’s end it on a good note and call it goodness.  A little light reading and an early night.  Or maybe just some light reading. 🙂

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