The Week In Review

It just seemed like a pretty good picture to use for the week – I feel pretty much under construction.

I’m not sure why, either.  That makes it more interesting.

In terms of what the week was, I spent it in Denver – that’s the summary.  Left Sunday night, returned late Thursday night.  It was an EXCELLENT trip – I got to meet a bunch of folks and got the backing I needed to absolutely dominate one of my key points of pain.

Friday I spent at the coffee shop getting stuff done.  Time absolutely flew – I got there about 9 right after I finished an interview for one of my open positions, and when I looked up it was after 4.  That’s the kind of productivity I love.

Saturday I spent the better part of the day at Barnes & Noble at Oak Park working on my newest project – a personalized task manager.  Not sure what I want to call it but I have some ideas.  I had a couple of friends give me some ideas for current ones, as well – will definitely have to try them.  After some pain I finally figured out why I couldn’t get Flash Builder to work properly.  I love troubleshooting via Google.

Sunday was relaxing – I ran multimedia at church then found a new magazine to love (Fantasy Art Essentials).  Now I need to learn how to draw so I can learn how to draw.

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