The Week In Review

Whenever you start off a blog post with “I left for a week in New Orleans” you know it’s going to be a good week, and the first full week of March certainly did not disappoint.

Here’s how it started: flying out on Southwest to New Orleans.

And how it ended: the 25th annual Martin City St. Patrick’s Day parade.

The rest was just filling.

New Orleans was spectacular (you can read more about it here).  Even with a 6:30am flight out, a 2-hour layover and craziness going on at the office, there was just something magical about being in a city like New Orleans.  While I did do the swamp adventure (complete with dozens of alligators) I didn’t do the cemetery tour like I had originally planned.  I also did quite a bit of walking – we were maybe 10 minutes from Bourbon Street, and a good 20-minute walk from Cafe Du Monde (best beignets anywhere).

Coming home on Friday was bittersweet.  It was tough to leave NOLA, especially after an awesome trip including a couple of days of vacation.  But I did hit Arthur Bryant’s that night, so that helped.  But then KU lost to Baylor – a minus, but only because a KU win would have prevented a Mizzery Big 12 tournament trophy in the finals.  But my Jayhawks did get a break, at least – that extra day and one less game could very well make all the difference in the tournament run – a run where both they and Missouri are a 2-seed.

Saturday was a catch-up day; I ran a number of errands and then grabbed some time at Dunn Bros to get some more flesh on the bones of the task application I’m working on (didn’t get anything material done this week while I was out of town).  Watched a couple of conference tournament games and called it good.

Sunday was laid back – except for the Martin City St. Patrick’s Day parade.  Despite temperatures in the 40s and pouring rain throngs of fellow Irish (and non-Irish) braved the weather for a fun time.  By the time we got back to the car we were absolutely soaked – but we all had a good time.  To close out Sunday it was all about the NCAA brackets.  I didn’t think either Kansas or Missouri deserved a #1 seed – the former because they have a problem closing out games; the latter because with  a little foul trouble they’ll go down in flames (K-State, anyone?).  Both got #2 so I’m good with that.  I see a bunch of upsets this tournament, as well – more than I can remember predicting out of the gate compared to years past.  We’ll see – maybe this is the year there are no upsets at all.

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