The Week In Review

Great week.

After the thrill that was the Martin City St. Patrick’s Day parade and Selection Sunday last week, this week was going to be hard to beat.

Monday started off pretty solidly, with getting my brackets put together and submitted.

Tuesday and Wednesday kind of flew by, although I did manage to get most of my “must dos” done – always a good thing.  I’ve spent more late nights in the office lately, but all for good.  My (awesome) team is keeping things moving – I’m just getting some structural stuff done.

Thursday was my 15-year anniversary party at Buffalo Wild Wings with my team – it was a great time watching basketball and talking with friends.  My brackets weren’t busted by Thursday night, luckily, so we’ll call that a success.  In addition, I got a nice kudos from a couple of executives that afternoon on one of the big projects I have underway.

Friday my brackets busted.  Completely.  I think I went from first place after the first game of the day to the bottom half by the time the last buzzer sounded on the final game of the night.  Definitely not my shiningest day in terms of the brackets, that’s for sure, but there were two upsets I didn’t have any concern with – Mizzou and Duke, both being upset and part of NCAA history (the first time two #2 seeds were upset in the first round of the tourney).  I didn’t have either of them picked to win it all, so no harm, no foul as far as I’m concerned.   I did have a great conversation with a buddy of mine from Denver Friday night – I don’t get the opportunity to catch up with him too often but timing worked out Friday.

Saturday was all basketball, all day.  Or almost all day – I managed to sneak in a trip to Lowes to pick up a new washer which is more technically advanced than the Facebook server farm.  I’m not entirely certain but I think I can pour liquid nitrogen into the drawer where detergent goes and turn the dial and end up launching my clothes into space…and have them return safely along with a moon rock.  Badger (from Better Off Dead) would be envious.  Saturday was also St. Patrick’s Day, so we had some good corned beef and cabbage.

Sunday was more basketball.  Lots and lots of basketball.  Georgetown managed to lose and upset my bracket (which was already busted so it really didn’t matter, I suppose), but there was some really good basketball going on.  More importantly, though, Kansas showed up in the second half of their Round Two game and managed to pull off a win in the last minute of the game with some spectacular offense and a little confusion by Purdue.  Kudos to the Boilermakers for a great game; awesome shout out to the Jayhawks for never giving up and winning the game – it was a lot like the final Border Showdown game was.

Not sure what this week brings, but I’m optimistic it’s going to be a great week.  No point in being optimistic for anything else, right?

(post image courtesy of the NCAA)

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