The Week In Review

This was a crazy week.  After watching MU fall and KU barely survive last week during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and St. Patrick’s Day I figured things would calm down this week.  Not so much – in fact this was one of the busiest weeks I can remember in recent history, at least in terms of stuff going on.

Monday I found a new addiction.  I’m having Chuck withdrawls – I’m missing hearing Sarah’s voice, Casey’s smart remarks and Chuck’s naive wisdom.  I miss seeing Morgan’s beard, Jeffster and Bo Derek.  I miss seeing the geek get the dream girl.  And while the Big Bang Theory does a yeoman’s job of filling some of that void, it just doesn’t do it all the way.  So I downloaded a trial of Mass Effect 2 from Electronic Arts and decided to give it a shot.  It’s a first-person shooter with a dynamic story line – basically you get to interact with/shoot things and the choices you make determine what happens in the future.  What does that have to do with Chuck, you ask?  Two words: Yvonne Strahovski.  Yvonne plays Sarah in Chuck and is Miranda in Mass Effect 2.  Not the voice of Miranda, I might add – but Miranda.  She lent her (sexy) voice to ME2, but in the opening cut-scene you not only get to hear her voice but see her.  The folks at Bioware did a tremendous job of making Miranda look just like Ms. Strahovski.  What’s even more apropos is she was genetically created to be the perfect woman.  They could not have picked a better actress to fill that role.

So where Monday was tremendously awesome in that respect, Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty plain.  Nothing major happened.

Thursday that all changed.  CenturyLink announced a major reorganization.  What’s funny about that is it wasn’t unexpected – rumors had been circulating for months about what was going to happen on April 1 (the anniversary of the acquisition of Qwest).  People expected something major was going to happen; it was just a question of when and how significant.  Of all the major rumors I’d heard (and there were many) only one came to fruition.  It’s amazing how the same grapevine that can predict something weeks out can miss everything.   In short we used to be three separate organizations serving our retail customers.  Effective April 1 we’re now two, with more distinct lines.  This is absolutely spectacular news from my perspective – we struggled for the last year with where the lines were drawn and the substantial gray area and overlap that the old structure had.  I had a great relationship with my peers “across the aisle”, but from what I could tell that was probably the exception to the rule.  My team is safe – in fact I actually picked up a superstar from the former BMG organization (he’s now part of my Contract/Proposal Response team).  What’s odd for me, though, is that now I have a peer in the same group (both of us report to Russell) who does the same stuff I do.  He and I need to rationalize that, so I know what lies ahead for the next couple of weeks.  But goodness all around, no doubt.

Friday was all about basketball.  NC State and Kansas matched up in the Sweet Sixteen round.  KU held the advantage most of the game but started to fall apart at the end – just like they did many times throughout the season (and why I contend they weren’t in real contention for a #1 seed).  And just like they did many times throughout the season, as well, they pulled out a victory – this one by three points.  That sent them to the Elite Eight round on Sunday.

Saturday was national small engine repair day; at least around my house it was.  I was having tremendous difficulty getting my lawn tractor to run, so I decided to dig into it.  After several hours of work over Saturday and Sunday it still doesn’t run, but it at least sounds better when it tries.  I replaced spark plugs, worked on the wiring, cleaned the carburator, drained the fuel (twice) and in general got it to do everything but actually catch.  I cleaned every key part I could get my hands on and still nothing.  I’m hoping I just flooded the engine and it needed to drain a bit, so I’m taking a break for a bit on it.  Unfortunately I looked at my lawn on Saturday and realized just how much thatch there is.  It may come down to busting out the pointy rakes and doing it by hand…but I hope not.

Sunday was dinner at RC’s – the best pan-fried chicken ever – and watching Kansas beat North Carolina to move on to the Final Four in New Orleans.  I’m not a Roy Williams-hater (Roy left the head coaching spot of the Jayhawks about 9 seasons ago to coach North Carolina; many fans still haven’t forgiven him for that), but it was sweet watching the #2-seeded Kansas Jayhawks top the #1-seeded North Carolina Tar Heels.  Considering KU was picked 4th in the Big 12 conference this year (it was a rebuilding year, everyone said), to take the conference title outright was sweet; to get a #2 seed was sweeter; to make it to the Final Four was even sweeter – can you imagine the chaos if they take the title?  They’ll have to get through Ohio State and then either Kentucky or Louisville (my money’s on the former) to do it, but it’s definitely possible.  Wow – what a season.  And while I really would have liked to see a KU-MU battle in the championship game…my feelings aren’t hurt.

This upcoming week is the end of the month/quarter so life is going to be crazy – that’s the only given.  Have a spectacular week!

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