The Week In Review

So I decided to do something new.

Now that beach volleyball out at Volleyball Beach is over, there aren’t any more beach volleyball updates.  Unless, I suppose, I move to Florida or California (no – not in the cards…at least as far as I know at this point).

So I decided to take a page from my dad and do a weekly update.  He does them in an e-mail for my sister in Australia, but he send them out to the rest of the family as well.  In my case I’m just going to do a blog instead.

No guarantees there’s anything exciting – but if you’ve read my blog you know not to expect anything exciting, anyway. *grin*

Here we go.

As I sit here writing I just watched the Chiefs get embarrassed.  I don’t mean just losing, but when you give up 31 unanswered points to the Miami Dolphins – yes, the formerly winless Miami Dolphins – that’s not in the same universe as just “losing“.  And it was painful to watch.  We scored 3 points on the opening drive…then nada.  The defense was poor but the offense was absolutely inept.  On the plus side I am currently watching Philip Rivers absolutely embarrass himself, throwing pick-6s on two consecutive series.  I’ve never been a Philip Rivers fan, and it doesn’t hurt my feelings to know he cost his Chargers the game last week and he’s about to repeat that performance this week.  Oh yeah.

Monday was a fun Halloween.  We crashed over at Clint’s house and the kids went trick-or-treating while the adults stayed home and watched Halloween, ate candy and then watched the Chiefs game. I was careful not to eat too much candy – I was down 8 pounds this month and wanted to keep it as best I can, especially knowing I was going to be eating out the rest of the week.  I dressed up as Bud Light (a lightbulb with a sticker that says “Hi, my name is Bud“), and I’m suspecting I was the only person on the floor that was in costume.  It’s all good.

I was in Denver from Tuesday until Friday doing some cross-training with my peers over there.  The training was good, and it really highlighted the complete lack of investment we (my side of the house) has been willing to put towards better ways of doing things.  I’m bullish on the opportunity to leverage those – I suppose that’s part of the benefit of purchasing a large company with a bunch of assets and more robust processes.  I’m very excited about the prospects – and what’s better is I think we can probably get it done fairly quickly…pending some internal hurdles I have no doubt we’ll have to jump through.  We ate Tuesday night at Casa Bonita (which isn’t downtown) – a place I remember astonishingly well from the last time I was there…20+ years ago on a family vacation.

As of Wednesday I have a new found love for downtown Denver.  Wednesday lunch wasn’t anything to write home about, but Wednesday night we went to The Berlin – a little German restaurant with some kickin’ sauerkraut.  I had the sauerbraten with some German potatoes and kraut.  Thursday afternoon was Bony’s BBQ for lunch where I had some of the best brisket ever.  Thick cut and fork-tender…WOW.  The BBQ sauce left something to be desired (when you’re comparing it to Gates BBQ pretty much everything pales in comparison), but the meat was spectacular.  Thursday night was the Prime Restaurant where I had bacon-wrapped dates covered in dark chocolate, a six-ounce sirloin and a fully-loaded baked potato.  Total bill, including a pint of a dark stout:  $13.26 before tip.  Seriously – new dinner joint.  And finally Friday for lunch I headed out with a buddy of mine to a good Thai restaurant and had some solidly hot-with-flavor dish.  And, save for Tuesday nights’ dinner at La Casa every meal was within easy walking distance of the buildings, even in the cold weather and snow.

Thursday night I started my novel for NaNoWriMo.  I only got about 700 words (with a target of something like 5,000 by day three), but if you don’t start you’ll never get anywhere so I started.

Saturday was an interesting day.  On Tuesday I got an e-mail from someone who was interested in purchasing our house.  For quick reference we were doing the FSBO thing, and we had put it in their magazine for six months and on the web site.  We put it up last November and moved back in to the house in May (combination of things, including the whole paying mortgage + rent thing), but I didn’t even think to tell the FSBO folks we’d taken it off the market.  Which wasn’t a big deal – the right price we’d move back out.  The offer we got was less than what we were after, but not out of the range.  It’s probably on the low side of what I’d accept, but I’m going to trade off some of the money I’m expecting for not having to finish some of the larger projects.

However, three of the projects I am going to finish – regardless – deal with drywall.  There’s the hole in the ceiling in the master bedroom where I fell through while putting up insulation.  There’s the holes in the family room ceiling that we put in there to fix the underside of the drain of the 3rd bathroom shower.  And then there was the large hole in the upstairs hallway where my oldest threw his younger brother into the wall (something about waking him up by pouring water on him) – not against the wall, but actually into the wall.  So I started on those before I realized I’m really not cut out for that – I’m not the right person to do drywall work, period.

Instead of finishing the drywall repairs I put out a request for some help and got some great responses – thanks everyone!  Then I did some shopping and watched the LSU-Alabama game.  It was a great game to watch – and when the score was 9-6 at the end you know it was a major defense battle.  #1 at #2 – great game.  Absolutely great game.  After that I played a couple of hours of The Sims Medieval (never got the intrigue of “The Sims” series…until I played The Sims Medieval) and took advantage of the extra hour of sleep.

Sunday I took care of a bunch of to-do items on my list.  Prepped the HVAC for winter, tweaked some system settings, repaired the sliding glass door, some car maintenance.  And now watching football and blogging while I’m waiting for some roasted Brussel sprouts with balsamic vinaigrette to come into their own.

This week is going to be good – short workweek with some excellent stuff planned for the job then a weekend trip up to Chicago to see my dad inaugurated as the President of SME.

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