Things Left Undone

No regrets.You know how when you think you’re going to die and your whole life is supposed to flash in front of you?  That didn’t exactly happen for me yesterday. In fact mostly it was just a list that I saw.  A list of stuff that I haven’t done and things that I haven’t had a chance to say.  So today, today I want to start crossing things off of my list.  And this is the first thing that I promised myself I would do.

That’s a quote from Chuck to Sarah (from “Chuck” Season 1, Episode 8 – click here to see the clip) that ranks as one of the saddest and yet most inspirational lines from the show.

I always worry that my life resembles Chuck’s description from this clip – a list of regrets for things undone and unsaid.  I can at least mark some of those off – I’ve been on a cruise, been out of the country and have a motorcycle endorsement on my driver’s license now – but that list is still pretty long and I find it keeps growing quicker than I can I do cross items off the list.

I don’t regret the things I’ve done (no regrets – remember?) but I still harbor way too much pause/analysis/fear when it comes to other things that reside on the so-called “bucket list”.

Now, in Chuck’s case I would have kissed her because, well, HELLO – IT’S SARAH!  Besides, she’s played by far and away the most beautiful actress on television (“was”, now, since Chuck was cancelled).  Granted that would have put a real kink in the whole storyline but that’s not the point.

The point is Chuck didn’t kiss Sarah in that clip – but he did do something else that he needed to cross off his list and broke up with her to pursue something that made him happy(er).

What’s sitting on your flash-bef0re-my-eyes list that you need to do?  A conversation you haven’t had yet?  A commitment to yourself you haven’t kept?  Maybe a dream you haven’t pursued?

Whatever it is, the question is this:  What do you need to do right now to break up with your fake-relationship Sarah?

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