So I’m sitting here watching the Vikings-Packers game on Sunday Night Football and carving pumpkins with the kids.  I’m also uploading pictures from my collection to my photography site ( and lamenting the fact that I found out too late that Vince Young wasn’t playing today because he is my fantasy football starting quarterback.

Today was a great day.  Got some stuff done around the house (should be on the market next week!), went to the zoo with the kiddos (had an absolute BLAST) and got some stuff done for the business.  Oh, yeah – and got the framework for my costume built.  This year my costume is a little more in-depth (in terms of composition), but still in the vein of my other costumes (last year’s “Key To _____”, prior year’s “stud”, “change” before that and the “Easy Button” before that).  Can’t wait.  I need to grab some cloth to finish it up.

All in all a fun weekend.  Next weekend’s going to be as fun, I suspect – but I’m living for this weekend now. 🙂

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