You vs. Debt, The Goal

I‘m breaking one of the rules that I’m not supposed to break when it comes to goal achievement.  The general rule is you need to focus on one goal at a time until you get into the habit that takes you closer to that goal on a daily basis.

This particular goal, You vs. Debt, is my second in a couple of days.  But really it’s the first (I started the course on September 26th); I just decided I needed to keep myself accountable here as well as on the forums for You vs. Debt (two totally different sets of readers).

This goal is also pretty simple: Complete the course.

I’ve invested a ton of money in courses of various types (personal development in nature, but different aspects) over the years and I get down the road…and then don’t finish them.  This one I need to finish (see the “Why” coming later).  Since Adam (Adam Baker, of Man vs. Debt fame) sends daily e-mails when the next lesson is up and I check e-mail (too) often, keeping on this while I’m working to drop to 190 pounds isn’t going to be an issue.  I’m already in this habit…kind of.


  1. Baker
    Oct 5, 2011

    Oh, you’re gonna finish – I’ll make sure of that. ;)


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