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CHIEFS!October 13. Arrowhead Stadium. The hated Oakland Raiders.

Combine those three with a 75-degree Sunday and the best – and loudest – fans in the entire National Football League and what do you have? You have a shattered record.

In 1993 we broke the record in Kansas City with a roar hitting 116 decibels – or roughly the level of a good rock concert – when John Elway and the Denver Asses Donkeys Horseys Broncos battled Joe Montana and the Chiefs. That record easily earned Arrowhead Stadium the title of “loudest open air stadium in the NFL”, a record we held and cherished for years.

But the last few years we’ve taken that record for granted, letting our voices rest on our laurels. We knew we were the loudest but we opted not to continue to prove it to the world. We became more “civilized”, if you will – giving due respect to our opponents and not deafening their quarterback, destroying their rhythm or causing them to embarrassingly false start because the roar was so loud they feared for their life. We became ladies and gentlemen of culture, content to watch our team win or lose as merely entertainment, not part of the action as the twelfth man that played so critical a role in the Chiefs’ success.

And so the unthinkable – but inevitable – happened. Seattle came and took that record from us. The city of coffee came and gave a rude awakening to Kansas City in the middle of this past September against the San Francisco 49ers, not just surpassing the 116-decibel mark but leaving it well behind. When the dust settled and the instruments calmed the crowd at CenturyLink Field had topped out at 136.6 decibels – pretty damn close to the sound of a jet engine on takeoff – wit a new world record.

Their fans came in and erased Arrowhead from the record books, pushing it down to “first loser”.

F*** that.

(it’s the Seahawks for heaven’s sake!)

Sure, CenturyLink Field was built to hold sound in giving it a distinct advantage in any test of auditory levels. But that’s absolutely irrelevant because there is no doubt that the home of the Chiefs is the loudest, even without such structural advantages. And we have an opportunity to make the Seahawks’ celebration short-lived, because four weeks after they broke the record we’re going to absolutely shatter it.

On Sunday, October 13th 2013 the Oakland Raiders and their quarterback-of-the-week come to town to face Andy Reid and the 5-0 Chiefs. It’s a rivalry game the likes of which is hardly seen in the NFL these days. It’s going to be a beautiful Sunday afternoon, pushing 70 at kickoff and 75 for a high. And there will be 79,400+ screaming fans cheering on the Chiefs, scaring the Raiders and causing the stadium to shake like there’s a pair of jets taking off.

Because this is Kansas City. This is the home of the Chiefs. And these are the best fans fans in the NFL.


(if you haven’t seen it yet watch this video and be prepared to get goosebumps: http://www.kcchiefs.com/loudandproud/)

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