What A Weekend.

Sometimes the best weekend start in the worst ways.

Friday I took the day off.  Sort of.  Or supposed to, anyway.  Instead I ended up in the office for half the day (but in jeans and a t-shirt) and was on one of what I’ll call the worst escalation calls I’ve had the opportunity to be on.  Then I spent a little time after a nice lunch at Gates running a few errands before it was time to head to Friday Night Magic at Spanky’s.  My draft wasn’t nearly as good as I’d hoped, and I ended up playing a blue-green deck that I managed to pull off one game win on although, honestly, I probably would have at least one more win if I’d stuck around until the end of the third round.

But I didn’t, because I had someplace to be.

The “someplace” will not surprise most of you who know me (or read The Paul Gillespie Experience) but will surprise those who know me well.  I was out at Volleyball Beach.  Not an unusual hangout for me six days out of the week, but in the ten years that I’ve been playing out at my home away from home in Martin City I have never once been out on a Friday night.  Until last Friday because the Bud Light girls were out there and – to boot – it was the night they were drawing for two tickets to the Bud Light Port Paradise music festival.  You know – the one where two cruise liners filled with people head to a private island in the Bahamas for a 4-day, 3-night party and music festival.

I walk in about 9:30 or so and order up a Pale Ale because that’s my beer of choice and it just sounded good after being thrashed in FNM.  I checked Facebook and saw that Q posted he was up there – his last post noted he was looking for some good luck.  I decided to talk some trash and so I posted a comment that said “it won’t do you any good – I’m going to win”.  Then I decided that maybe I need a good luck shot so I ask Rich (who’s up there) what to order and he says Jager.  Sounds good to me so I order two Jager shots.  Dave’s working the bar and he asks me if I want Jager bombs; I say why not so he pours a couple of them and down the hatch they go.

I chat a little with Howard, watch a little of the volleyball going on outside and check the Royals score (they won!).  Soon thereafter the clock strikes ten and everyone gathers outside by the check-in desk to watch the drawing for two tickets on the cruise.  There was no way I was getting anywhere near it (too many people) so I figured I’d just hang out at the top of the steps.

Jen, who was working the bar, is the honorary ticket picker.  She reaches into the box, spins the tickets around and pulls one out.  She starts to hand it off to the guy with the mic but everyone told her to just read the name.  She looks at it and starts to laugh…the look on her face was great.  Then she calls out the name on it.

Paul Gillespie.


So I’m raising my hands in the air screaming at the top of my lungs with a smile a mile wide plastered on my face.  I did a quick interview with one of the Bud Light girls, got a picture with a couple and then filled out my form.  I ended up shutting down the bar with Rob and Ty as well as Dave, Brittany, Jen and Steph.  Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep that night; I was still pumped from having won the cruise that I could barely keep my eyes shut for maybe four hours.

That was unfortunate because Saturday afternoon was the Standard Magic tournament up at Spanky’s and I had a new deck I built to try out (mono red goblins).  Being tired and trying to think through a strategic game with a new deck is not a good thing.  I ended up winning only one out of five games but making stupid mental mistakes in my last two (losses) that could have won it for me.  Damn lack of sleep.  I had to forfeit the third match because it was already pushing 3:30 and I had a beach volleyball tournament to attend.

I was the captain of the Sandy Six Nine; somewhat of a play on words between my Sunday night team and our favorite score.  The tournament was to benefit the Rose Brooks Center, and it’s the longest running tournament out at Volleyball Beach if I remember correctly.  We were a somewhat new team – three of us (Cindy, Jen, myself) all played together on Sunday nights, but we’d never played league or tournament with Jared, Matt or Kendra.  I knew we’d be competitive, but what that meant I don’t know.  I won’t go into detail here (you can read this post for a recap) but here’s the punchline: we won.  The purple and gold championship trophy now sits proudly on top of the bar.

Sunday was another good day; a little relaxation, some shopping for Sammy (he got a tank and a betta) and then we were off to Sunday night volleyball.  This week was a little different, though – I started playing at 4.  Michele and I had a pick-up game of doubles against Igor and Nate at 4.  At 5 it was playing on Jessica’s team.  At 6 and 7 it was subbing for Greg on Em’s team, although this season I’m actually playing 6 with Jessica again and 7 with Susannah and her quads team.  At 8 I had a break and then 9 is Pauly’s Sandy Pirate Hookers.  And then after that, naturally, was pick-up games on the sand with some of my favorite people in the world…although honestly my legs were shot after seven hours at the tourney on Saturday and starting with doubles at 4 on Sunday.

All told it was an awesome weekend.  Even if I hadn’t won the cruise it would have been great.  Even if we hadn’t taken first in the tourney it would have been spectacular.  But both together…hard to beat.

Now the question is how I’m going to top it next weekend …

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