When It All Goes Wrong

My life is, frankly, awesome.  Maybe not Barney Stinson legen-dary (I don’t suit up, I haven’t licked the Liberty Bell and I’m not an international businessman), but awesome nonetheless.

(and side note – I have no desire to be Barney, but he’s got to be one of the funniest and awesome characters on television today now that Chuck isn’t on the air any longer)

And having an awesome life is, well, awesome.

Even when it all goes wrong (or starts to go wrong) I have an awesome life.  I could live the life of a stereotypical country song (my house burned down, I lost my job, my truck is broken, my dog died – and I don’t even have a dog, etc.) and my life would still rock.

In fact, right now stuff is going wrong, but my life is still great.  Things aren’t going wrong on a George-Jones-song level, but on a level that I wish wasn’t happening nonetheless.  Some choices I’ve made (by virtue of not making them – if you choose not to decide you still have made a choice) that have a good potential of coming back to bite me in the butt later, some craziness going on that I can’t seem to shake, some friends who are stuck in bad spots right now.  But when the final tally is done anyone of those – or all of them – could happen and I’d still have awesomeness coming out my life’s veins.  Because:

  • I have awesome friends.  I make it a habit of knowing awesome people.  Some may abandon me if suddenly I became a leper, but there are others that might stay physically away from me but would have no problem picking up the phone and letting me vent about having lost my spleen when I sneezed yesterday.  And then there are those that would go pick up my spleen for me and re-attach it to my body with electrical tape.  Those are real friends – and I have them.
  • I surround myself with people who enjoy having a good time.  I’m a huge proponent of laughter which is generally associated with having fun.  Whether that’s in the office doing the team rendition of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on “The NeverEnding Story”, on the sand at Volleyball Beach discussing why someone’s check liver light is on after the past weekend or hanging with the kids at the house on the Wii, when I’m smiling or laughing I’m at home…and so I surround myself with people who are conducive to that.
  • I’m resilient.  I like to learn and one of the side benefits of that particular feature is that you often seek to find different/better ways of doing stuff.  And part of finding a different way to skin the cat is that you tend to be more open to trying new things.  So if my gig as the Director of Special Pricing doesn’t work out for me I’ll find a different way to make a living and feed my passion for playing beach volleyball.  Maybe I’ll try becoming an HR specialist.  Or run my own business leveraging my skills at making things run better.  Or become a mime (many people in my life would appreciate the latter idea, I’m sure).  Regardless of what it is I don’t have any concern I’ll be just fine when the dust settles…whatever I do.

You’ll notice that none of the reasons I have an awesome life has to do with stuff I have.  No things, no possessions, no physical objects (except my spleen, but that was illustrative only).  Because it took me many many many years (too many years, I might add) to figure out that life isn’t about what you have.  Sure, I still have possessions – I drive a car, I use a computer, I play Magic – but over the last few years the internal conversation I have with the voices in my head has shifted from acquiring more shiny objects to experiencing more shiny things.

And I like it.  No argument from me – being able to fit all my possessions in the back of my car is a pretty nice feeling.  Should something terrible happen and I have to move to Nova Scotia to avoid extradition for a murder I was wrongly accused of I can pack up the back of my car and be content with what I have (except for the arrest warrant, anyway).

But beyond that, should I find myself in a Hank Williams ballad and everything is gone I can rest comfortably knowing my life is still awesome.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to practice turning my check liver light on at Volleyball Beach.

(post image courtesy of Obscure Internet)

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