Why I Fly Southwest

Here’s the punchline:  because they’re awesome.

Now you don’t have to read the rest of the blog post if you don’t want to.  Yes, I’m just that kind of guy.  You’re welcome.

Seriously, though, Southwest Airlines is the king among airlines.  Unless you routinely fly first class, anyway.  Or your own private plane.  Or a chartered jet.  But for the other 98.48292% of us (we’re not the 99%, but we’re pretty dang close) Southwest is the ideal airline to fly.

First, it’s mostly first-come-first-served when you check-in.  I like this, because rarely do I plan a trip more than a couple of weeks in advance.  And I don’t like ending up in the back of the plane because everyone else already got the good seats.  I can book tickets the day before and sit in the back of the plane because I want to.  Plus it’s a fun challenge to set your alarm and take a break from whatever you’re doing (working, driving, engaged in a firefight with extremists in Modern Warfare 3) to see how close to A1 you can get when you check in 23 hours and 59 minutes before the flight departure time.  It’s kind of like a badge but with real rewards.  Some people hate the “cattle call” approach – I, personally, love it.

They also have the best flight crew in the air.  I’ve flown Delta, American, Frontier, Continental and others, and short of the flight crew on the corporate jet I get the opportunity to fly occasionally there are none better than the ones who walk the aisles and man the controls at Southwest.  With one exception, I’ve never had a flight attendant not smile seemingly all the time on a Southwest flight.  I’ve had several banter back and forth with me about “being the troublemaker” who sits in the back row (my favorite spot), and even more that like to (good-naturedly) make fun of people on-board (“look at that – free in-flight entertainment” for the guy who’s apparently had one or two too many before boarding; “I think somebody would lose a limb if we tried to separate those two” about the newlyweds all over each other a couple of rows ahead).  Or how about turning the most boring monologue in the history of monologues into something entertaining by rapping the safety briefing?  Only on Southwest.

Finally, their pricing rocks – at least for the places I like to go.  Non-stop to Orlando, Vegas, Denver?  Yup.  Good rates to Seattle?  Indeed.  How about New Orleans?  Yes indeedy.  They may not be the cheapest to New York or DC or Cozumel but I could care less…because I don’t go there.

I flew Southwest out to New Orleans last week and loved the flight, even with a layover in Dallas.  I flew Frontier back and wished I was on Southwest, even with the chocolate chip cookie and non-stop flight.

Bottom line – the airplane ride may not be anything you look forward to, but if you want to make the best of it fly Southwest.

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8 thoughts on “Why I Fly Southwest”

  1. Okay, fair enough, sounds good.
    BUT you have never tried Qantas. Oh yes, the safest airline in the world. Or something like that. They have exceptional service. AND when we flew home on the airbus A380 last time, I had taken the kids to meet the pilots in the airport, and after we were in the sky, the pilots said hello to US on the loudspeaker – for all 500 or whatever passengers to hear. 🙂 Super cool.

  2. Oh wait, I forgot my entire point. Elijah is screaming, so I’ll blame it on that. 🙂 THe point is…
    You should try Qantas.
    Hmmmm, you say they don’t fly in the US? True, they fly OUT of the US. To a country far, far away, where your sister awaits your visit.

  3. Fair point – I will give you that I’ve never flown Qantas…but I’m skeptical they could possibly surpass Southwest. Although it is pretty cool that the pilots called out over the loudspeaker!

    They may win, however, just because they’ve got big planes. All Southwest flies is 737s, although I’m hearing they’re getting the 737-800 series which would be nice (more passengers).

    Absolutely need to find a way to get out there. Did you guys get indoor plumbing yet? 😉

  4. I always have a great flight. Nicest airline people. Took my grandson for his 1st flight and they made a big deal for him, a liitle present and pics of the airline girls and kidded with him like call me later and the captain was on the speaker and welcomed him. I didn’t know there was another airline and don’t want to know. THANKS SOUTHWEST

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