Why The Chive Is Safe For Work

OK, there’s a lot of discussion around whether or not The Chive is safe for work, and I figured I’d do my part at putting it to rest.  But before we get to that point, we need to run through a couple of scenarios where viewing probably the best site in the world is probably not safe.

First – if you work at a place where beautiful pictures and personalities are frowned upon (like, for instance, the DMV or the TSA) then step away from the “Middle of the week, you should get away” days; you could easily be busted for enjoying the breathtaking vistas that you can typically find in that collection.

Second – if your manager has something against women who aren’t brunette or blonde then definitely avoid The Chive when they’re going redhead – you may very well find yourself on the wrong side of the boss.

Third – if your company has a policy against motivational posters (or de-motivational posters) then you’re likely to end up opposite the table from HR is you happen to check out the site on a Motivational Monday (which, I might add, happens to be my second favorite day of The Chive week).

Fourth – if corporate policy at your place of employment frowns upon laughing at people who find themselves in the worst situations then steer clear when a #FAIL post appears.  The last thing you want is a call from the CEO threatening you because your laughing is becoming contagious to the rest of the peons in the office.

Fifth, and finally, if the business you’re employed at frowns upon the American military then you should probably give them the finger first and foremost.  But if you’re still determined to hang out there and collect a paycheck definitely avoid The Chive when they have a post on there about the soldiers that keep us safe and free.

There you go – if you don’t fall into those categories The Chive is clearly safe for work.  Unless your place of employment frowns upon Hump Days, Burn Your Bra Thursdays, well timed sports photos or any of the number of sexy, funny, interesting or otherwise random things.  Or companies that frown on swear words (you might find a few of those).

In which case – find a new job; you don’t want to miss The Chive.

So see – if you’re self-employed or work for a company that’s even semi-cool and reasonable The Chive is clearly fine to be viewing at work.

(and no, I’m not responsible for anything bad that happens to you as a result of reading this post.  Pull up your pants and take some accountability for yourself.)

(post image courtesy of The Chive)

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