Wish Me Luck

I’ve got another interview Monday.  I’ve had a couple so far and a number of informal conversations around a handful of other opportunities.  I’ve done more thinking about my career and revisiting what I’ve done in the last month than I have in the last ten years – something I would not encourage anyone to do (keep things updated and fresh – that’s my advice that you didn’t ask for but will thank me for later, I promise).

The one on Monday is one I’m highly pumped about – a smaller company but a very solid match for my skills and experience and hopefully one that I would be a good fit for.

I also have a potential opportunity I should know more about on Friday that would also be a good fit for my skills and present a good opportunity to make a pretty big impact on some areas of the business that could use some help.

And I had a great conversation with a friend of mine yesterday that actually took my thoughts in a different direction I hadn’t expected – something that would definitely stretch me and force me to acquire some different skills quickly, but would challenge me in a way I want to be challenged.

Lots of opportunities here, to be sure.  Lots of decisions, lots of potentials, lots of avenues.  Now I just need the wisdom to know which way I should go. So wish me luck, if you would please!

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